Jon M. Grazer, MD, MPH practices in Newport Beach, California, and specializes in aesthetic body contouring and reconstructive surgery. He is a second generation Newport Beach plastic surgeon, a forth generation California physician, and a fifth generation native Californian.

In addition to breast surgery and facial rejuvenation, Dr. Grazer has a special interest in body contouring. His father Dr. Frederick M. Grazer popularized the Tummy Tuck and is responsible for much of the current literature on the subject. His father also introduced Liposuction to the United States in 1982 after visiting with Dr. Ilouze in France.

With a family background in body contouring, Dr. Grazer's expertise is sought after by people from around the world who have had less then satisfactory results from other surgeons, and are seeking his experience to help correct their problems. Dr. Grazer can help you find the procedure that's right for you.

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