Dr. Jon M. Grazer attended Tulane University in New Orleans where he received his Master of Public Health, and Master of Science in Anatomy degrees. While working on his public health degree, Dr. Grazer had the opportunity to publish a first name paper with Dr. Louis Ignarro, a Noble Prize winner in Medicine.

After his graduate training, Dr. Grazer attended the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans. During medical school, Dr. Grazer did research at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas, and has a current application in the astronaut selection pool.

After completion of medical school he did his general surgery training at Tulane University School of Medicine. His plastic surgery fellowship was at Penn State University followed by microsurgery training at the University of Pittsburgh.

Outside medicine, Dr. Grazer enjoys flying, and has amassed over five thousand hours of flight time including instructors ratings in single, multiengine, seaplane and glider. He is also licensed in helicopters, and flies hang gliders and para gliders. Additionally, he enjoys working out, skiing, spelunking, scuba diving, biking, running and kayaking.

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