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Dr. Jon Grazer was recently featured on the Discovery Channel with a patient that required his expertise in reconstructive surgery after the patient had an unfortunate outcome from Liposuction. Dr. Grazer has also been featured in television programs including MTV, Fox News, Fox Coast to Coast, and NBC News. He has also been show-cased in printed media such as The Dusseldorf Times, Fitness Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and Ellè.

Dr. Grazer recently co-authored the chapter on Liposuction in the Volume Five text book on Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Indications, Operations, and Outcomes. He is also the author of an interactive CD-ROM on Abdominoplasty that is used for pre-operative patient education.

Dr. Grazer has presented papers at international meetings including three papers at the First International Burn and Fire Disaster Meeting in both St. Petersberg and Moscow, Russia. He has had the opportunity to travel to developing nations to perform surgery in under served areas and most recently was in Peru at The Institute Sol Del Nino where he repaired cleft lips, palate deformities, and burn injuries.

Featured in Media and Publications

Television Appearances
Dr. Grazer was recently featured on the Fox Network showcasing his Lip Augmentation procedure using your own natural tissue; and a second segment on Fox News showing a permanent treatment for excessive axillary sweating.

Medical Conferences
Dr. Grazer recently attended the New Horizons meeting in Rancho Mirage, CA, highlighting the latest techniques in facial rejuvination.

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